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Springfield/Sangchris (IL)

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Lake Springfield

Lake Springfield is a 4,260 acre (17.2 km²) reservoir located in the city of Springfield, Illinois, southeast of downtown. It is 560 feet (171 m) above sea level. It was formed in 1931-1935 by building Spaulding Dam across Sugar Creek, a tributary of the Sangamon River.

Fishing Info

The lake was created, as a source of water for Springfield and to provide coolant for the City Water, Light & Power coal-fired electrical generating plant. It has also served as a focus of local recreation. Owners of high-powered motor boats enjoy the lack of a power limit on much of the lake, and the lake is known for warm-water fish such as largemouth bass, bluegill, blue catfish, flathead catfish, and crappie.

Fishing Chip Data

In addition to other types of structure and accurate ramp locations, there are:

Total Waypoints: 353

  • 15 Roadbeds
  • 19 Stump Fields
  • 7 FA (Fish Attractors)
  • 14 Dominant Points
  • 4 Dropoffs (Ledges)
  • 5 Foundations
  • 140 Debris (Laydowns, Logs, & Logjams)
  • 47 Rock Areas