About Us

Welcome to ProFinder Charts LLC. Your number one source for GPS Marine Data Management , Conversion and Archival Storage as well as GPS Fishing Waypoint Data Cards.

We developed the Pro Chip, which basically is fishing spots programmed to a chip for all brands of GPS units. We have Saltwater Pro Chips covering the waters from Cape Cod to Texas. We also have Freshwater chips for lakes ranging from the east coast out to the midwest.

The Saltwater chips will have an average of 600+ prime fishing spots, and depending on the size of a lake, the number can range from 350 to 1,800 spots.

In addition, we have "specialty" chips available that might focus on prime bottom structure. These spots are very difficult to find for the angler that prefers to bottom fish.

We offer a "Waypoint Management" service and can do these conversions and program new chips.