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Hatteras – Carolina Beach

This PRO CHIP spans approx. 150 miles of shoreline and contains 798 way points of wrecks, artificial reefs, ledges, live bottom areas, humps, troughs, and sea buoys. Included is current (2017) Artificial Reef data - both in the Sounds and Nearshore.

The PRO CHIP data is security encrypted and has both copyright and patent protection. It is designed to read your units serial number and can be used multiple times in that unit only. Attempts to share or copy the data will result in corruption of that data.

The PRO CHIP will work in conjunction with any “chart card” such as Navionics, C-Map, or Garmin Blue charts or G2 standard and Vision. Our data is stored internally in the units’ memory and overlays on top of any base maps.

*Saltwater Pro Chips come with the corresponding laminated charts, a $75 value.