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Intracoastal Waterway Guide Chip

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Intracoastal Waterway Guide Chip


1,700+ WAYPOINTS: 


We have developed a Pro Chip containing tons of important data along the ICW. It is designed specifically for the waterway traveler. Our chip contains data for anchorages, ramps, marinas, pubs, restaurants, bed & breakfast inns, hotels, bridge data, chandleries, recreation parks, golf courses, and other points of interest along the ICW.

This data is available for any modern brand GPS system on the market. The chip comes with specific directions on how to upload, and takes only a few seconds. By having this data stored as a waypoint, the Captain can not only navigate to his choice, but can easily predict his ETA.

Currently, we have the "Southern ICW Guide" available. It ranges from Virginia Beach to Florida. The data contained will overlay on top of any "Map Card" the boater might have chosen - thus giving you the best of both worlds. The "Northern ICW Guide" is under development, and should release by the end of summer 2016.

We are also working on a App that will be easily accessed by PC and any mobile device. By developing such a site, we can present MUCH more information - all at your finger tip. There is absolutely nothing like this available today! Imagine traveling down the ICW and deciding we want to travel about another hour, stop off for dinner, and find a good anchorage or lodging. Our App will provide you all of the options, and allow you to contact your restaurant with one touch of the link. Same with lodging! Link up by device, book your reservations, and relax. No more shuffling bulky maps around! No more trying to sort through advertisements in a sketchy ICW Booklet.

For more information - contact us at (910) 512-6700