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Alabama River, AL

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Alabama River, AL


Most rivers are not surveyed by the government to produce maps with bottom depths and contours, however, there still remains a lot of structure that holds fish. We have been able to identify the following structure on this river system:

  • 37 Stump Fields
  • 172 Wood Debris (Logs, Laydowns, Brush, Etc.)
  • 2 Rocky Areas
  • 13 Timber Zones.

This Pro Chip covers the river system from the Lock just NE of Benton, AL (32 19.450/86 47.060) - centering on Prattsville - up the NW river to Bouldin Dam - and up the NE river to Wetumpka (Hwy 111 Bridge). Further past this bridge presents many dangerous submerged rocks. Local "HOTSPOTS" are also identified by name.

Our fishing spots are not found on any of the various map cards on the market

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