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Badin/Tillery/Tuckertown Combo, NC

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Badin/Tillery/Tuckertown Combo

Total Waypoints: 473

Historically, there has been very little information available for these older bodies of water. Our research has provided enough data to produce a "Combo" chip for these lakes:

  • 73 Humps
  • 19 Stump Fields
  • 51 Fish Attractors
  • 74 Dominant Points
  • 55 Dropoffs (Ledges)
  • 64 Debris (Laydowns, Logs, Brush)
  • 58 Timber Areas
  • 13 Rock Piles

Maps of these lakes are scarce, and "Map Cards" do not exist at this time. In fact, your base maps on your GPS units may or may not even reflect the body of water, but the Pro Chip data is spot on.